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Radical Lifestyle

Radical Lifestyle

Does stress overwhelm you? Do you feel boxed in? Are you controlled by your circumstances, or worse yet, the people around you?  Perhaps these circumstances have led you to feel paralyzed, bound, insecure, or desperate. Stress is a powerful force that triggers the stronghold of negative emotions and ultimately leads to emotions of sadness, worry, anger, depression.  These emotions pave the way for the enemy’s ultimate plan of fear and hopelessness. When stress has its way, we lose control of our emotions and with them the ability to make good decisions. In the end, we find ourselves controlled by habits, relying heavily on pleasing ourselves or others.  When our dreams are controlled by someone’s decision, or someone else’s belief system, we will be dominated by a master system of distorted truth.

Paul was an entrepreneur, an apostle, fearful, joyful, brilliant, intelligent, and filled with wisdom. He released solutions into every problem, bringing harmony in the midst of division, and giving heavenly perspectives that brought formation to the early church. With all of these things, and more, he is still a source of inspiration even today! It is obvious that Paul’s life was filled with stress, and at the same time it is clear that he wasn’t dominated by it. How? That is the journey of discovery that we will embark upon. There were 5 spaces that Paul worked from: the political spirit, past memories, pride, and distress. These are the same 5 spaces that work to control our lives and enslave our emotions. In this study, we gain inspiration from Paul, as we learn how he handled these 5 spaces. With the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul learned how to utilize these 5 spaces so that they would work for him rather than against him.

Each one of us are inspired and challenged to live a radical lifestyle, just as the apostle Paul demonstrated. The keys of this study will give us tools to be men who are empowered; walking with solutions for every situation. It is with this understanding that we can be fearless, knowing that no weapon shall formed against us shall prosper when our lifestyles are based on the Holy Spirit. In fearlessness I am motivated by the passion of Jesus, this same spirit empowers me to act courageously, boldly, and confidently wherever love, joy, and peace are allowed to become my primary source.


What are the weekly topics?

1. Shame

2. Guilt

3. Condemnation

4. Regret

5. Ego

6. Review/Conclusions


What happens in a Radical Lifestyle meeting?

Your RL leader will take you through scriptures related to the life of Paul while highlighting valuable insights that relate to our emotional lives. Interactive discussions will be facilitated to aid each person as they walk into greater depths of understanding, and awareness. In addition to this, each week will also include times of prayer and sharing.


What type of commitment can I expect with my involvement to Radical Lifestyle?

Along with this study we will be giving daily homework that include scripture reading and meditation.  The purpose of this homework is to connect you to a deeper personal relationship with the Lord. In these studies, you will explore different characteristics of God that relate to your emotions.  In doing so, you can expect to experience a greater sense of the reality of sustained rest. Even a busy schedule will accommodate this homework as it is given in a devotional format and can be completed throughout the day.

We request that each person join this group expecting for God to show up in a new way, confident that he will lead your life into a richer relationship with Himself and others.  We believe that this end result is best accomplished when you commit to attending the group and whole heartedly completing the homework with regularity.


Can I host a group? 

Yes, we would love to connect you to a RL Leader in your area. If there isn’t one, you could considering hosting a group and having one of our leaders minister to your group via web conferencing software.


Can I become a leader? 

Yes, contact us and we would be happy to share about the process of becoming a RL leader.



$60 per person


Groups Size

We suggest a group size of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15.  Not too big, not too small, we have found this size allows for each person to participate and be involved.

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Daddy’s Method Testimony

Shandon wasn’t really sure if he needed Daddy’s Method.  He hadn’t been experiencing any major emotional upheaval, but he decided to open His heart to God, submitting himself to a Holy Spirit led refining process.  As God began to speak into Shandon’s life he realized that he had always struggled with performance.  He knew that his salvation didn’t come by works, but he found himself looking to his work to find satisfaction within himself.  This left his moods subject to the success of his accomplishments.  When things didn’t go well, He found himself frustrated.  Shandon realized that the same grace that he had for salvation was available so that he could access peace, joy, and righteousness on a daily basis.  Suddenly his fulfillment and satisfaction were redirected from his accomplishments to the grace that was provided by Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but God used this process to refine Shandon’s understanding of the scriptures.  By doing so, he was freed from the inhibition that was created from misunderstanding, and instead, freed to allow his actions to be determined by the truth of the Word.

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Daddy’s Method Testimony

Fearing the judgment of others, Coleen worked to keep her heart and her imperfections under lock and key. Striving for the unattainable picture of perfection she was scared to let others speak into her life, but hunger for change proved a stronger motivator than fear. As Coleen began to face the imperfections that had begun to rule her life she learned how to harness the power of creativity as the Holy Spirit invaded her circumstances and began to provide powerful solutions to her greatest struggles. As she learned more about her Creator and His ways, she also began to understand how that Creator viewed her, to purposes she had been called and how to take the first steps toward that destiny.

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Daddy’s Method Testimony

Pastor Scott desired to see his church go beyond just another repetitive salvation experience. He longed to see the people he was serving not only be saved, but to be made healthy and whole, possessing all the promises that accompany the gospel message. Understanding that this desire would begin by seeing his own life set free, Scott agreed to allow God to speak into known and unknown struggles alike. By giving God permission, God began to work into the deepest areas of his life. It was in this way that Scott realized that he had been driven by a desire to perform; trying to meet expectations left him unnerved in the wake of the imperfections of himself and others. Throughout his four week participation in coaching, God began to uproot and reconstruction Scott’s ideas about himself and about God. Suddenly he started to discover an even greater reality of God’s presence, His love, and the reality of the promise of transformation that is assured to us by the gospel.


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Widows Beads- Shilpa’s Story

ManjuShilpa  I am not a widow but have been with Kingdom Foundations for two years and now work solely with Beauty for Ashes.  In my first job my boss was a bad man who tried to take advantage of me it and it was so frightening – I left and I could hardly leave the house for over a year I was so scared.  But I started work with Kingdom foundations and it was like meeting an angel.  Sir was such a different man, such a good man and in our devotions when he spoke I could hear God speaking through him, every time he spoke I heard the answer to the problems I had.  More and more this feels like family and the people I work with are like brother, sister, mother and friends and I love it.  My life is changing and I am beginning to believe that God will heal through me.  I pray for my children when they are sick and the other day my son fell and injured himself; he was healed and all the pain went away instantly.  I feel so encouraged to be all I can, lives are changed here, every person will be changed when they come here.  This is family; it’s so relaxed, we share our food, share our troubles and pray and help each other when we need anything.   it’s safe here.  We come and then leave our problems behind when we go home, so much freer. God is good.  This is the happiest I have ever been.

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A Widow’s Story- Shankrama

UntitledMy mum died when I was two and my dad when I was eleven.  I met my husband when I was thirteen and he told me that if I didn’t marry him, he would die.  I thought it was true and so I had to leave with him to get married or it would be my fault; he didn’t tell my sisters and brothers.  When they found out they were really angry and as he is from a lower caste they said if they saw either of us again they would murder us – so I have never been able to return to my home town since.  My husband died when the youngest of our four children was just one year old so I have brought them up on my own.  It wasn’t easy as I had to work all the time and walk miles to get there but they have all gone to school.  My husband’s family made life really hard for us when he died, they would do whatever they could to scare me and the children by doing terrible things.  They would stop us getting water and I would have to go out at night dressed in men’s clothes or they would attack me.  They came to my house with their bad intentions and I had to fight them off, I learned to fight like a man. One day my first grandchild got really sick but no one would help and when she got worse my daughter brought her to my work.  She took her last breath in my arms as I carried her in pouring rain with my daughter walking beside me.  We were heartbroken and no one helped.  We got home and my other children were out; they had the key so we sat on the door step in the rain with the lifeless baby in my arms for two hours, no one would help, no one would open their doors to us and the wild dogs came and started to bite us.

Things are so different now.  I don’t fight all the time anymore, I pray and trust God instead.  My children say I am an awesome mum now, they used to be scared because I had to be like a man to defend myself and them but now Jesus protects us instead.  I can talk with people here at work, it’s my family now.  I bring my problems and we pray and they are gone, I don’t have to take them home with me, I am so much happier now.  When we pray in our devotion times I have such peace; I love it and I really know now that God loves me and my life is really changing.  I go home and tell my children what we make and what we talk about, how we pray and how Jesus helps us. They are the witnesses to what God is doing for me.   We have hope now and we are all so much happier.

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A Widow’s Story- Mani

MAniMani My life was easy, not perfect, but it was a lot easier when my husband was alive.  He brought in a salary every month, I worked as a tailor and we had enough to pay the rent, the bills and send our three girls to school.  It was a happy house and my brothers and sisters and their families would come over every weekend; it was like a party, so lovely.  But then my husband died and no one came anymore, and I couldn’t go and visit them, two of my daughters were married but one was still at home, no one wanted to know, no one wanted to help us.  My father was alone and had no money and no one to look after him so he moved in with us.  Still none of my relatives wanted to help so my daughter had to get a job to help support us.  I couldn’t work as a tailor anymore as no one wanted to wear things made by a widow.  Men would even go back into their homes when they saw me because I was a widow. I had a very small widow’s pension but that was all – it’s not enough to live on.  It’s hard for widows to get work, the only thing we can do usually is cleaning or cooking and it can be risky for younger widows; we have no choice so it’s easy to take advantage of us.

Being with beauty for Ashes has changed everything for me.  I have a salary now and so with money coming in our family can live ok now.  I can speak openly here and no one judges me – it feels like this is my family.  I used to miss my husband all the time and stay at home just seeing the problems, but now I am happy I don’t have to worry.  I have peace, I feel free and nearer to God.  I am so much happier now and more relaxed, I know I am loved and when we have problems or sickness we pray and Jesus answers.  He is so good.

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India's Missing Women

Research has cast fresh light on the massive and increasingly alarming phenomenon of sex selection in India.

Half a million girls a year are being aborted in India, equal to the total number of girls born in the UK. The scale of sex selection in Asia is extraordinary, yet it has not attracted the attention it deserves in the west. This is the age of “missing women” – an estimated 30 to 70 million of them. The number of girls born has dropped significantly because of sex selective abortions, and the sex imbalance has been aggravated by higher mortality rates as boys receive better care.

The very vagueness of the figures indicates how poorly understood this massive phenomenon is – quite apart from the still limited analysis of the impact the resulting sex imbalance will have on the development of countries such as India and China. In May, there was widespread concern in India as the results of the 2011 census revealed a sharp deterioration of the sex ratio. Many attributed the growing gap to a powerful lobby of doctors and commercial interests who sell ultrasound machines; both make profits from the illegal, multimillion dollar sex selection procedures.

An ultrasound scan costs the equivalent of £10, a small amount relative to the cost of a dowry expected with a girl. Even for less well-off families, a sex-selective abortion may seem cost effective, according to a study by Sonia Bhalotra, from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) at Bristol University, published in the summer issue of its Research in Public Policy bulletin.

But what is particularly interesting about her analysis is that the practice is more strongly established in the better off areas of India than the poorer rural areas. This challenges assumptions that the practice is driven by traditional customs. In fact, it is the wealthy and better educated who are most likely to choose sons, perhaps because they want to keep their families small. One of the richest states in India is Punjab, where, in the 2001 census, there were 125 boys per 100 girls in the nought to six age group. The predominant pattern is to use sex selection not for the first child but for subsequent children; the ideal seems to be two sons and one daughter.

There is also evidence that high-caste Hindus are more likely to use the practice than Muslims. Bhalotra suggests that cultural practices – parents live with their sons until death and it is the son who lights the funeral pyre – may be among the factors driving sex selection.

The economic boom in India is accelerating the trend of sex-selective abortion. This factor is combining with technological developments in ultrasound that make scans more reliable earlier in pregnancy, and the machinery more mobile, increasing penetration across the country. The research talks of an “intersection of recent economic, demographic and technological change with deep rooted social preference”, which is costing the lives of millions of girls.

There are no easy steps to stop the practice. Sex-selective abortion has been illegal since 1994, but has little impact on the growing trend. Proposals to ban ultrasound machines are unlikely to gather substantial support because the devices also play a positive role in pre-natal care.

Another study from the CMPO looked at differential forms of care for girls and boys in India. Using the Indian Time Use Survey, they found that, on average, boys receive more parental time a day than girls – an extra 30 minutes , or 14%. The quality of childcare is also better for boys, who are more likely to be vaccinated and given vitamin supplements, and are typically breastfed for longer. These inputs were on average 10% higher for boys. The research concludes that such differential care probably accounts for nearly a third of the higher mortality rate for girls.

The research doesn’t offer detailed analysis of the consequences of this genderimbalance, other than to suggest that a large number of unmarried men is likely to lead to an increase in violence against women. It will be another 15 years before we begin to see the political and social impact of the missing women.



Posted by (2011, Friday 22 July)  guardian.co.uk  Retrieved From; http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/poverty-matters/2011/jul/22/india-sex-selection-missing-women

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Irked Dad Flings Disabled Infant

BANGALORE: A businessman, upset that his newborn was a girl and she had bilateral club feet, flung her to the ground to kill her in Karnataka’s Bidadi.Police are on the lookout for Satish Gowda, who runs a provision store off Kodipalya, near Kengeri. The incident occurred after his wife Divyalakshmi returned home from hospital on Saturday with the newborn, whose feet were wrapped in bandages.Divyalakshmi’s mother Saraswathi told police that Satish grabbed the infant from his wife’s hands, and in a fit of anger, threw her on the floor. The child, who sustained injuries, is undergoing treatment at Indira Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital.

A case of attempt to murder has been registered against Satish who’s absconding. Satish had made his pregnant wife promise that she would give him a baby boy.

Ten days ago, Divyalakshmi delivered the infant girl. Satish came to hospital with his mother Gunavathi and created a scene. The deformity also irked Gowda, who asked Divyalakshmi to get rid of the baby. In her complaint, Saraswathi accused Gunavathi of inciting Satish.



(2011, July 26). Irked dad flings disabled infant. The Times of India. Retrieved from http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Irked-dad-flings-disabled-infant/articleshow/9366375.cms


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Transformed Widows; Powerful Testimony

Kingdom Foundation has previously trained 862 widows with sewing skills.  They were then placed in garment factories to making clothing, but once it was known they were widows they lost their jobs.  Some were able to stay in the factory for one year before it was discovered that they were widows. Other women were trained in other professions and hold office jobs in the city.

To meet the needs of the loss of jobs another project was started.  The women would gather at homes or outdoors to make incense.  While making the incense they would gather and pray for the first half of the day over the product they were making with the intent that it would impact the people that they were selling it. This incense was sold to Hindus who were using this for worship in their homes and temples.

The reports started to come to the widows from the people who used this incense that they were experiencing strange things.  They said that the gods and pictures of their gods were falling off the shelves and the walls.  People reported seeing white figures running around in the home (we call these white figures angels).  The people found with the presence of the white figures a manifestation of peace and miracles.  Headaches disappeared, cancer left, household member gained employment, and there was even a man who had hair grew back.

The community members began to realize these changes came to the home as a result of the women praying over the incense.  When the widows were approached the women would share the good news of the gospel and many got saved.  There was a church established in this place that is still strong till today.


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