Hannah’s Gathering


Hannah’s Gathering

In the Old Testament account of the life of Hannah we read of a woman who found herself at the mercy of her own emotional turmoil.  Barren and in competition with her husband’s other wife, a wife blessed with sons and daughters, Hannah found many reasons for despair.  She was constantly aware of what she lacked and her thoughts were consumed not only with her desire, but with the stigma accompanying her insufficiency.  Hannah descended into frustration, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem; she found herself so ruled by these emotions that she could not even bring herself to eat!  Just like Hannah, our emotions have the power to rule our actions, even to the point that we are unable to do what we know is best for our own wellbeing. In short, these negative emotions often become our master, enslaving us to act in accordance with fear, hopelessness, and unhealthy habits.

This study is aimed at helping women who frequently experience the same troublesome emotions.  Like Hannah, many women struggle with feelings that grip their hearts and choke out the life, hope, and truth of God’s word.   Emotions are a powerful source that influence and dictate our decisions. In this 6 week study we will identify wrong thought patterns, emotional responses, and unholy habits that disturb our course and hinder us from walking in fulfillment. When Hannah focused on God, rather than herself, he removed her barrenness, and blessed her as the mother of Samuel.

This study will not only identify unhealthy patterns, but will release the power to set us free from the emotions that dictate our actions.  By taking practical steps that allow us to walk in new empowered habits and emotional responses we embody the fullness and freedom of love, joy, and peace. What a far better master!


What are the weekly topics?

1. Shame

2. Guilt

3. Condemnation

4. Regret

5. Ego

6. Review/Conclusions


What happens in a Hannah group meeting?

Your HG leader will take you through scriptures related to the life of Hannah while highlighting valuable insights that relate to our emotional lives. Interactive discussions will be facilitated to aid each person as they walk into greater depths of understanding, and awareness. In addition to this, each week will also include times of prayer and sharing.


What type of commitment can I expect with my involvement to Hannah’s Gathering?

Along with this study we will be giving daily homework that include scripture reading and meditation.  The purpose of this homework is to connect you to a deeper personal relationship with the Lord. In these studies, you will explore different characteristics of God that relate to your emotions.  In doing so, you can expect to experience a greater sense of the reality of sustained rest. Even a busy schedule will accommodate this homework as it is given in a devotional format and can be completed throughout the day.

We request that each person join this group expecting for God to show up in a new way, confident that he will lead your life into a richer relationship with Himself and others.  We believe that this end result is best accomplished when you commit to attending the group and whole heartedly completing the homework with regularity.

Where does Hannah’s Gathering teaching come from? 
Hannah’s Gathering is birthed out of the teaching of Daddy’s Method. Daddy’s Method is an innovative restoration technique that brings freedom to our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, friendships and relationships It has proven to bring freedom to many; by freeing addictions, restoring vision, and breaking the lie of insignificance.


Can I host a group? 

Yes, we would love to connect you to a Home Group Leader in your area. If there isn’t one available, you could host a group with one of our leaders ministering to your group via web conferencing software.


Can I become a leader? 

Yes, there are options to become a leader. Please contact us for further information at; kfs.jackie@gmail.com or call 507-262-0373.


Cost is $60 per person.


Group Size should be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15.  This size allows for each person to participate and be involved.


Your support, both prayerfully and financially, has made the work of KFS possible. Thank you for partnering with us to establish His Kingdom and we pray His blessing upon you! Kingdom Foundations gives 100 percent of the money you donate to the work on the mission field.

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