Church Planting

Churches Continue to Multiply

Since the time that Ravi got radically saved and began going to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ, many have come to know Christ. Now there are over 250 churches that come under Ravi’s covering. Let’s pray that we would see even greater increase of the harvest and many more churches to be birthed.

There is a great harvest in the nation of India.  We would love if you would partner with us in believing for more come into the promises of eternal life.  Pastors in India continually face many adverse conditions as they share the gospel.  Our pastors, from time to time, suffer persecution with physical threats on their lives and live on extremely meager wages. Pray for our pastors, the work they are doing, and for a full release of the Harvest!


Your support, both prayerfully and financially, has made the work of KFS possible. Thank you for partnering with us to establish His Kingdom and we pray His blessing upon you! Kingdom Foundations gives 100 percent of the money you donate to the work on the mission field.

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