Interactive Seminars

Hannah’s Gathering and Radical Lifestyle are both 6 week interactive studies designed to help you grow in your faith and emotional health.  These studies will be helpful to anyone who has already been through Daddy’s Method coaching or to someone who is not familiar with the teaching of Daddy’s Method.

Hannah’s Gathering is specifically focused for women, dealing with their emotional challenges.  These groups meet in homes and are no more than 15 people.  This small group dynamic gives space for women to go as deep as they desire to tackle life daily obstacles and hinderances. In this sisterhood, you are able to bond, share openly, pray for one-another, and watch one another bloom. It is without fail that there are God stories of breakthrough and encounters. The number one thing mentioned from women who have completed this course, is that their perspectives have shifted.  We face challenges daily, when we are able to see our circumstances through the eyes of the Lord we walk; with joy,  peace, and most importantly we walk victorious. This is an important shift that allows us to face every challenge with a solution.  Along with this testimony, others have reported; restoration in relationship, healing, power of addictions broken, and new levels of freedom!

Radical Lifestyle are small group meetings, for men, to dig deeper into the challenges faced by men. These groups meet in homes and are no more than 15 people. Much time is given to practical application, where along with practical teaching accountability will be found among your family of brothers. This groups is a place for men to be authentic and find strength in their identity in Christ with purpose to best representation of Christ they can be in every role they carry.


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