History and Powerful Testimony

History Lays a Foundation

The way we run our business of Beauty for Ashes, with foundations in prayer, comes out of our powerful history.  Please ready the testimony below to understand where we come from. I am sure it will challenge you and your thinking on the power of prayer.

Kingdom Foundation has previously trained 862 widows with sewing skills.  They were then placed in garment factories to making clothing, but once it was known they were widows they lost their jobs.  Some were able to stay in the factory for one year before it was discovered that they were widows. Other women were trained in other professions and hold office jobs in the city.

To meet the needs of the loss of jobs another project was started.  The women would gather at homes or outdoors to make incense.  While making the incense they would gather and pray for the first half of the day over the product they were making with the intent that it would impact the people that they were selling it. This incense was sold to Hindus who were using this for worship in their homes and temples.

The reports started to come to the widows from the people who used this incense that they were experiencing strange things.  They said that the gods and pictures of their gods were falling off the shelves and the walls.  People reported seeing white figures running around in the home (we call these white figures angels).  The people found with the presence of the white figures a manifestation of peace and miracles.  Headaches disappeared, cancer left, household member gained employment, and there was even a man who had hair grew back.

The community members began to realize these changes came to the home as a result of the women praying over the incense.  When the widows were approached the women would share the good news of the gospel and many got saved.  There was a church established in this place that is still strong till today.

Today we maintain that God is a living God and wants to bring impact in lives around the world and his purposes are established through prayer.  We desire to hear more testimonies like these of God moving through praying in lives and the source being our women who spent time in prayer.


Your support, both prayerfully and financially, has made the work of KFS possible. Thank you for partnering with us to establish His Kingdom and we pray His blessing upon you! Kingdom Foundations gives 100 percent of the money you donate to the work on the mission field.

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