Daddy’s Method: School of Emotional Healing

Daddy’s Method:

School of Emotional Healing   

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if we really lived out the Christian lifestyle that we say we believe is possible?

As Christians we say that we believe that we possess unending access to the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy peace, etc) but how do we respond when things don’t seem to be going our way?  Do we fall apart and back down in fear?  Do we get angry and storm off?  Perhaps, instead of facing challenges head on we bury our pain in something that we believe is going to make us feel better?

Emotions have the ability to completely control our lives.  When negative emotions run a muck we are held slave to those feelings.  The Bibles says we can only serve one master and if we are held captive to our emotions we certainly aren’t free to partner with the purposes and plans that God has for our lives.

Daddy’s Method aims to move people out of a lifestyle that is stuck in the rut of destructive behaviors and into a life that is rooted and grounded in the truth of God’s word and an overflow of the fruits of the Spirit.

The key to finding freedom is recognizing the emotions that are holding us back and replacing the belief system behind that emotion with the truth.  It is our goal to empower students to solidify the belief system that is mapped out for us in scripture while helping them dismantle the personal perception of truth that they have developed throughout the many events of their life.

It is our prayer that through this school students will be able to recognize the emotions that hold them captive and to discern the ways in which the enemy is trying to steal their source of strength.  In all of this our goal is to not only help students find emotional healing, but to remain rooted in that healing through a strong Biblical foundation.

When all is said and done, students walk away with freedom, understanding, and the tools to help others begin to step into their own freedom.



Exposure model

Exposure of enemy’s patterns

Dominant framework

Revealing negative emotions


CDM5 Model

Spiritual Foundations: Reading the Bible differently


Mastering Heavens Emotions Model

Making your emotions work for you


Fruits of the Spirit Modules 

9 Powerful ways to counteract the enemy


Holy Spirit Model

How the fruits are designed to activate the gifts


During the course of this school you will be given homework for up to one hour a day; these exercise are geared towards your spiritual growth, physical health, emotional well being, and mental creativity.  It is God’s desire that we grow in all areas of our life and therefore we will be working to address your whole being.  Committing yourself to this course is committing to grow in every aspect of your life.



Ravi Kandal 

Screenshot 2015-10-06 16.34.07In 2004, Ravi married his wife Julie; nine years later, after founding their ministry, Kingdom Foundations, and investing years in church planting, income generation projects, feeding programs, and ministries to the untouchables of India, the two of them founded the first Christian newspaper in Bangalore, India.  Inspired by the life of Elijah, Ravi felt called to start a movement that would raise up people who truly understand their identity as the chosen ones of God.  Stepping into the media realm, Ravi hoped that this ministry would help the church of God discover the truth of the Word and the power of a life completely submitted to the wisdom of God.  In 2012, the Lord took this goal one step further as Ravi was presented with the opportunity to display this message in the highly praised film, “Father of Lights.” In the ultimate pursuit of this goal, it became apparent that the church would not be able to walk in strength without introducing the people of God to the emotional restoration that salvation makes available.  Desiring to see the children of God set free and living uninhibited in their full potential, Ravi worked tirelessly to make “Daddy’s Method” available to churches worldwide.  Through this method of emotional restoration, it is Ravi’s desire that others would discover freedom from unhealthy emotions, habits, addictions, and unrecognized patterns that keep the sons and daughters of God from realizing their destiny.



Max Myers 

Screenshot 2016-04-28 13.08.37Max J. Myers grew up on a working farm near Morrisonville, IL, where his family were members of the local United Methodist Church.  He served in the U.S. Army as a crane operator from 1971-74, and later was commissioned in the Illinois National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate.  His formal education was received at North Central University and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.  As an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, Max has served growing congregations for 27 years.  From 2007-2012, Max served as director of Global Awakenings Ministry School in Mechanicsburg, PA. During this time Max decided to share with others the nature of his success in leadership through the book “The Tail That Wags the Dog,” which serves as an instructional on ways to reshape pastoral leadership.  In recent years, Max’s passion has been to see a transformation of culture.  This led to his decision to run for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania, in the 2014 election.  He has traveled to 32 countries, and has a passion for speaking into the lives of leaders. (  Max and his wife Nina, were married in 1975.  They have two grown children, Renae and Jeffrey, and five grandchildren.


Classes will be Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 7:00 PM – 9:00 Pm (Central Time Zone)

Fee $500 (Checks payable to Kingdom Foundations, mail to Kingdom Foundations %Praise Community Church 705 S. Ogontz St. York, PA 17403)

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