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Daddy’s Method is an innovative restoration technique designed to bring total transformation to your thoughts, attitudes, relationships, and ability to persevere. It is designed to eliminate the lifestyle of disappointment which leaves you feeling worried, hopeless, irritated, and frustrated. It is designed to abolish a lifestyle of procrastination.
Every struggle stems from the root of hurt which has led to the development of unhealthy aspects of your personality; these aspects began in your childhood and continue to affect your lifestyle today. The mandate of hurt forces you to function out of what you don’t have; this leads you to fear losing what you do have. It steals the authority you have to focus your mind and malfunctions this power while destroying your motivation. It kills all hope and creates negative expectation which leads you to feel constantly unfulfilled.

Ravi Kandal developed Daddy’s Method through many years of intensive study in psychology, research on relationships, and analysis of case studies on human behavior. Through this process, with the help of God, Ravi realized that there are four individual aspects of identity that form human beings: behavioral, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each of these aspects plays an important role in the molding of a personality and either leads to a fulfilled life or to a meaningless life.  Every decision in life stems out of, and is influenced by, these four aspects.

Daddy’s Method is designed to rewrite the definition of hurt that has merged into the four aspects of identity.  Rewriting is an intense process, but when you value freedom the work is worth the transformation. By replacing negative thought patterns and seeing tomorrow as an opportunity for growth you will learn to walk into greater favor in all of your abilities. This will create clarity of destiny and purpose, remove anxiety and fear, and abolishing low self-esteem.
This four week coaching process is tailored to each individual.  It will take you on a healing journey that deals with the behavioral, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life. Your coach will give you tools and accountability needed to establish the practices of freedom. We believe you will not only gain freedom for yourself, but you will become an agent of freedom as well. You are created for a destiny! When you recognize that destiny, you will be empowered with strength.  You will have an improved quality of life and ultimately achieve your desired goals.

One-on-one Coaching Sessions 

Coaching is an important part of the emotional freedom processes.  Many times we are unable to see the flaws in our own thinking and it becomes necessary for an outside thinker with a fresh perspective to point out an area that may need work or to facilitate growth in an area that has become stagnant.  Daddy’s Method coaching aids individuals in order to bring understanding of gifts, potential, destiny, and to bring restoration to relationships, emotions, perspectives, and lost dreams.     

By walking through the coaching process you will be equipped with the practical steps for change that make the fulfillment of your dreams a possibility.  An emphasis on problem solving skills will empower you to walk through any situation with confidence, no longer paralyzed by fear or anxiety.  Coaching emphasizes a natural response that is based in freedom and Biblical truth rather than responses that are rooted in procrastination, perfectionism, or indecision.  These areas of focus enable personal awareness and development.


The first priority of any coaching session should be for each individual to identify the improvements that they wish to see.  Whether it is behavior, attitude, relationships, self-awareness, or personal responsibilities, coaches will lend their ears in an effort to understand the individual’s personal needs.  As each client describes the significant events of their past our coaches will listen for key phrases that may unlock understanding as to the current issues in that client’s life.  The focus of Daddy’s Method is NOT the past, but clues lay dormant in our past experiences that will help us to identify areas of future change.  By participating in coaching you will see problem areas illuminated by a fresh perspective while also receiving the insight, encouragement, support, and accountability to see your destiny and potential realized. 


Daddy’s Method Coaching is a four week program. 

This happens through four, one hour phone calls with your coach. 

You are given homework for each day while in the program. You will be requested to submit your homework daily. 

To sign-up for coaching today email or or call   +1 (507)262-0373.


What to Expect: 

During a typical session coaches will take the lead.  Trained to ask questions and guide conversation, coaches will listen, give advice, teach, and encourage.  Upon completion of the session coaches will pray with the client while setting goals and objectives for the coming week.  As the client you are simply asked to step out of your comfort zone, sharing honestly and without reserve.  You should expect that change will come at a price, it may be uncomfortable but it is certainly doable.  By sharing your problems, feelings, and past experiences you will allow yourself to experiment with the unknown.  This may be scary, but rest assured, taste and see that the Lord is good.  During the course of the session, listen, learn and ask questions of your coach.  Investing in the process is the best way to foster long-term growth.


Should you question the time commitment involved with Daddy’s Method, coaching is typically completed over the course of 4 weekly appointments.  Appointments are usually conducted via the phone and are generally one hour in duration.  Apart from this weekly time commitment, goals and assignments will be issued at the close of each appointment.  Throughout your week you should expect to invest in extra time with the Lord as well as time in reflection and healthy changes to your lifestyle.  As you prioritize your time in a way that supports healthy change, you will lay the groundwork upon which to build your new and redeemed emotional life.  



These testimonies come from those who have benefited from Daddy’s Method Coaching.

Fearing the judgment of others, Coleen worked to keep her heart and her imperfections under lock and key.  Striving for the unattainable picture of perfection she was scared to let others speak into her life, but hunger for change proved a stronger motivator than fear.  As Coleen began to face the imperfections that had begun to rule her life she learned how to harness the power of creativity as the Holy Spirit invaded her circumstances and began to provide powerful solutions to her greatest struggles.  As she learned more about her Creator and His ways, she also began to understand how that Creator viewed her, to purposes she had been called and how to take the first steps toward that destiny.

Shandon wasn’t really sure if he needed Daddy’s Method.  He hadn’t been experiencing any major emotional upheaval, but he decided to open His heart to God, submitting himself to a Holy Spirit led refining process.  As God began to speak into Shandon’s life he realized that he had always struggled with performance.  He knew that his salvation didn’t come by works, but he found himself looking to his work to find satisfaction within himself.  This left his moods subject to the success of his accomplishments.  When things didn’t go well, He found himself frustrated.  Shandon realized that the same grace that he had for salvation was available so that he could access peace, joy, and righteousness on a daily basis.  Suddenly his fulfillment and satisfaction were redirected from his accomplishments to the grace that was provided by Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but God used this process to refine Shandon’s understanding of the scriptures.  By doing so, he was freed from the inhibition that was created from misunderstanding, and instead, freed to allow his actions to be determined by the truth of the Word.


As a pastor, Scott desired to see his church go beyond just another repetitive salvation experience.  He longed to see the people he was serving not only be saved, but to be made healthy and whole, possessing all the promises that accompany the gospel message.  Understanding that this desire would begin by seeing his own life set free, Scott agreed to allow God to speak into known and unknown struggles alike.  By giving God permission, God began to work into the deepest areas of his life.  It was in this way that Scott realized that he had been driven by a desire to perform; trying to meet expectations left him unnerved in the wake of the imperfections of himself and others.  Throughout his four week participation in coaching, God began to uproot and reconstruction Scott’s ideas about himself and about God.  Suddenly he started to discover an even greater reality of God’s presence, His love, and the reality of the promise of transformation that is assured to us by the gospel.


Despite his reluctance, Tre took a leap of faith and allowed God to have His way in his life. Unaware that the enemy was using his past to distract him from his future, Tre found freedom as He allowed God to speak truth into his troublesome thoughts. Throughout the experience God continually called Tre into a deeper revelation of his relationship with God. By confronting certain judgements and preconceived notions, God allowed Tre to see who God is to others, as well as the depth of the relationship that his “PaPa” desired for him.


As the Lord began to reveal what it means to be “possessed by the Holy Spirit”, Katie began to understand that she has everything from Heaven available to her.  Rocked by the weight of this truth, she was freed to walk confidently without fear of the hurt that others may inflict, and without the anxiety that she experienced at the criticisms of others.  Free from the emotions that were holding her back she found that rather than building a sturdy wall to protect her heart, she was able to release the light within her as she stood rooted and grounded on the sturdy foundation of God’s living and active word.


As the Lord began to reveal what it means to be “possessed by the Holy Spirit”, Katie began to understand that she has everything from Heaven available to her. Rocked by the weight of this truth, she was freed to walk confidently without fear of the hurt that others may inflict, and without the anxiety that she experienced at the criticisms of others. Free from the emotions that were holding her back she found that rather than building a sturdy wall to protect her heart, she was able to release the light within her as she stood rooted and grounded on the sturdy foundation of God’s living and active word.


” It has been really quite a life changing month for me personally. God is working in an incredible way. I was in a place of not knowing or being able to boldly experience life as He intends .Quite frankly God healed me of shame and guilt.

My outlook on life is entirely different now. I see unlimited potential, that will become reality. I know the Lord has promised much, and I plan on “crossing the Jordan” and walking this out. I have a new understanding of who He is, how He works, and what my job is in obedience. Very gratifying, and encouraging for sure.

Main significant changes are in thought patterns and emotions. Also, I know that others lives are/will change around me as well. I never understood the entirety of the role I play in others lives. Power of words, compliments. Encouragement. Opening up minds to allow God to work in their lives.

With the Lord there is a deeper trust and faithfulness inside me. As I’m seeing things come to pass already, I’m super excited just thinking of the possibilities when I simply allow Him to possess me. The possibilities of Him transforming lives around me wherever we go.

I want others to know that God is a real God. That He is a God that is capable. That He does free us, and although the cost is great (our lives) the process is simple and the future is filled with joy and hope no matter the situation. He truly wants our lives to matter and our purpose on earth to be established entirely. There is still time as long as we breathe.

If someone thinks they don’t need Daddy’s Method, they do. It’s His blueprint, not ours, and there is always more to learn and grow. ”

Denver Polson



“This experience impacted me by giving me new language and experience around what HS brings to us to combat the flesh and the enemy.


I have seen myself become more self aware of thought patterns that were sabotaging my destiny.  I feel more confident that I can overcome as I have discovered some of the enemy’s strategy for my life.


My vision has been renewed to believe… I am finding that faith is the natural state of a Christian once the lies of the enemy are removed.


I have recommended this to friends!”

John Dresser





“The time spent experiencing Daddy’s Method was very meaningful and it has impacted my life.  It was interesting how God prepared me for these sessions with dreams and interesting experiences.  Ravi was very easy to talk with and the words from God he shared with me were profound and very much appreciated.  I did experience some inner healing which has made a difference in my personal life as well as my spiritual life.  A lot of my anxiety issues are gone.


I have grown in my relationship with God and am spending more time with Him in prayer, reading the Bible, and speaking in tongues.


I do not have any names right now to share with you who might want to do Daddy’s Method.  I have talked to two of my friends about it but right now they are not ready to do the method.  They were excited to hear what God has done in my life.  All my immediate family members have done the method with Ravi.  When people come to mind, I will share with them and refer them to you. ”



Nancy Karnofel




“This was life changing for me. For the first time I understood how to apply the Holy Spirit; by becoming the fruits of the Spirit. I have never been challenged in that way before.


I have learned the seeds of brokenness in me and the attitudes or rules I have been living by and having relationship with all these years. It was shown to me what Jesus has, I have. Now begins the framework or ‘blueprint’ I design my life in…the fruit of the Spirit.


Feelings are choices and responding can be in the fruit of the Spirit, or in the enemy. The enemy comes to steal the fruit, and I never saw it that way before. Tactics of the enemy have been exposed and am now equipped to recognize them and can choose what to feel and think.


Through declaring the fruit of the Spirit over me, and with practice, I am becoming more whole. I am enlightened and delighted that by declaring the fruit of the Spirit over myself, heaven opens up because that is what heaven is.


Emotions can change who you are or are not. My foundation has changed. I now carry my ‘Jesus ‘ credit card! My expectation is the Lord’s results and how He wants me to experience a situation… I ‘charge it!’ with my Jesus card. Don’t think without it! In spite of me feeling a certain way about a situation, I am going to be that vessel to bring change because Jesus is in the boat with me.


I now have an affirmation about myself that I didn’t have before. I know who I am and am hungry for more manna!


Thank you for piggybacking in on what the Lord God was already doing with my quest for more of Him.  Timing is everything and this was magnifico!


I am not the same and blessed by this experience.”



Caron Scheiwn





“I have been thoroughly blessed through my time with Ravi. His encouragement in me has inspired me in pursuing God deeper and growing in holiness and righteousness.


His insights into how our emotions and minds work have been transformative for me. Learning to apply the truth and change my responses to life has changed the way I handle my emotions, which is allowing me to grow as a Son of God. I am thankful for Ravi’s caring guidance and the love with which he counsels.


My faith and confidence have definitely grown through Daddy’s method and I thank God for that!”



Nate Terlisner


This experience has impacted me in that I have great freedom from negative emotions and unbelief. I feel a sense of confidence about my future and the work I know God is doing in me and through me. I felt truly cherished and valued by both my coach and my Heavenly Father.


Rachel McDonough


Before Daddy’s Method I wondered about my God given gifts. Was I really gifted? What are my gifts? Was I anointed in what I was moving in? What is my life’s plan? Did I have the courage to walk out His plan for my life? Was I healed? I thought about the “condition” of my soul. And above all else, what does Daddy think of me?


Basically, my own self doubts and insecurities were keeping me from His appointed destiny for my life. Now, moving through Daddy’s Method, the answers came in a flood! Now, I feel “made new,” knowing that Daddy has stretched me and grown me through this process. I have heard the confirming and the assuring words of Jesus gently imparted over me. His identity is in me! Now I know what my life’s destiny is, for Daddy has revealed it and confirmed it to me! I am joyful and so full of expectation. Now, Daddy has declared abundant life over me! Any doubts I had are now removed! I AM whole, I AM truly healed and I AM completely new! Any previous strongholds are gone! He has sanctified me! Forever changed.


I pray for each and all who hunger after Daddy. Travel this path, climb your mountain, perhaps its one whose summit you thought you would never reach. Know this: You are the light of the world.( Matt 5:14) He will take you up to the summit!


Daddy will quench you with His living waters!

Kathy Czajka


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