Daddy’s Method Testimony

Shandon wasn’t really sure if he needed Daddy’s Method.  He hadn’t been experiencing any major emotional upheaval, but he decided to open His heart to God, submitting himself to a Holy Spirit led refining process.  As God began to speak into Shandon’s life he realized that he had always struggled with performance.  He knew that his salvation didn’t come by works, but he found himself looking to his work to find satisfaction within himself.  This left his moods subject to the success of his accomplishments.  When things didn’t go well, He found himself frustrated.  Shandon realized that the same grace that he had for salvation was available so that he could access peace, joy, and righteousness on a daily basis.  Suddenly his fulfillment and satisfaction were redirected from his accomplishments to the grace that was provided by Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but God used this process to refine Shandon’s understanding of the scriptures.  By doing so, he was freed from the inhibition that was created from misunderstanding, and instead, freed to allow his actions to be determined by the truth of the Word.

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