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Radical Transformation’s unique approach is not driven to look at “roots,” but rather searches for where personality was influenced by the enemy through hurt. It works to restore connection to Jesus allowing your personality to be reflected as He desires. This connection and restoration shifts behaviors, emotions, memories, and spiritual authority, activating willpower and launching destiny.

This study is aimed at helping women who frequently experience the same troublesome emotions as Hannah. Like Hannah, many women struggle with feelings that grip their hearts and choke out the life, hope, and truth of God’s word. Emotions are a powerful source that influences and dictate our decisions. This 6-week study we will identify wrong thought patterns, emotional responses, and unholy habits.

Consider stepping out of your comfort zone! The word “impossible” has never stopped Jesus from showing up in any kind of situation or circumstance. Are you ready to walk in crazy obedience to see the radical of God touch peoples lives. Why not join us on an adventure to challenge your exception of who God is and activate the gifts within you?


RT4 Impact on a Pastor

Throughout his four week participation in coaching, God began to uproot and reconstruction Scott's ideas about himself and about God.  Suddenly he started to discover an even greater reality of God's presence, His love, and the reality of the promise of transformation that is assured to us by the gospel.

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RT4 Impact on a Business Professional

Shandon wasn’t really sure if he needed Daddy’s Method.  He hadn’t been experiencing any major emotional upheaval, but he decided to open His heart to God, submitting himself to a Holy Spirit led refining process.  As God began to speak into Shandon’s life he realized that he had always struggled with performance.

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A Mom Transformed

Fearing the judgment of others, Coleen worked to keep her heart and her imperfections under lock and key.  Striving for the unattainable picture of perfection she was scared to let others speak into her life, but hunger for change proved a stronger motivator than fear.  As Coleen began to face the imperfections that had begun to rule her life she learned how to harness the power of creativity as the Holy Spirit invaded her circumstances and began to provide powerful solutions to her greatest struggles.

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